• Check out git history

    Learning about retrieving early commits in a play time situation so that any mistakes made have no adverse consequences.

    Step by step

    1. Open a terminal.
    2. Change to your home directory.
      • prompt> cd
    3. Make a test directory
      • prompt> mkdir Documents/Gitplay
    4. Change into that directory
      • prompt> cd Documents/Gitplay
    5. Initialise Git
      • prompt> git init
      • Initialized empty Git repository in /home/yourname/Documents/Gitplay/.git/
    6. Create a test file and put a line of text in it.
      • prompt> echo First line. > testgit.txt
    7. Check git status
      • prompt> git status
    8. Check git status
      • prompt> git status
      • On branch master
      • Initial commit
      •   Untracked files
      •        (use “git add ..." to include in what will be committed)
      •             testgit.txt
      • nothing added to commit but untracked files present (use “git add” to track)
    9. Add the new file.
      • prompt> git add .
    10. Check git status
      • prompt> git status
      • On branch master
      • Initial commit
      • Untracked files
      • Changes to be committed:
      •        (use “git rm –cached ..." to unstage) testgit.txt
      •             new file:      testgit.txt
    11. Commit this change (Note that the commit message must be wrapped in single or double quotes)
      • git commit -m “Initial commit.”
    12. Log what you have done.
      • git log
      • commit 813f3a6f86daadb8be68a2dbac2dbb65b81f7789
      • Author: user <>
      • Date:   Mon Nov 5 18:53:14 2018 +0700
      •         Initial commit.
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